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Mark Allen

Training Design and Delivery

Mark Allen is an expert in the field of mindfulness-based practices. He has taught mindfulness to organizational leaders, police officers, corrections officers, emergency medical technicians, physicians, nurses, mindfulness instructors, and others since 1979.


Working with the University of Chicago and the University of Las Vegas, Mark developed and delivered a five-part intensive mindfulness training program for a recent research study that was funded by a grant from the Templeton Foundation. Mark also worked recently with the City of Louisville Kentucky, its mayor, and thirty other civic leaders to explore and develop ways to uplift the level of compassionate engagement across the city. This work culminated in a week-long mindfulness summit for the city, which included a half-day program for the mayor, the chief of police, the director of corrections, and thirty other city leaders and a two-day intensive program for a group of sixty first-responders. Simultaneously Mark has been working on developing and delivering an innovative mindfulness-based training program for physicians, nurses, and others that improves communication around end-of-life care and critical care.


Mark is also an internationally recognized expert in the design and development of high-performing learning organizations. Over the last 25 years he has helped several dozen Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations, and universities design and develop award-winning, performance-focused corporate universities, leadership academies and corporate-college partnerships. He has led projects for the CDC, FDNY, CARE, the Dept. of Defense, NASA, Sutter Health (including 26 hospitals), FDIC, IBM, ExxonMobil, Shell, Xerox, HSBC, Mars, Symantec, DuPont, Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft, Kuwait Petroleum, Saudi Telecom, Saudi Electric, the University of Alaska, MTN (Africa and Asia), several Chinese companies, several universities, and many others. He has also conducted and published extensive research on learning organization practices. He is a close advisor to C-level executives on all aspects of performance-focused talent development. Mark has been quoted in Fortune Magazine, the Financial Times, and several other national and international publications and is a presenter at international conferences.

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