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Empowering Stress Management and Resilience Skills


Release and Manage Stress and Anxiety



Wellbeing, Resilience, Calm Confidence under pressure - Your Zone of Best Performance

An Experiential Workshop

Public and for everyone - no experience necessary

Practical Mindfulness-Based Techniques and Body-Mind Exercises 

Empowering - Evidence-Based - Effective - Easy to Apply

Are stress and anxiety affecting

  • Your health and wellbeing? 

  • Your feeling of self-worth and confidence?

  • Your relationships and work?

  • Your happiness, joy and love of life?


Are You:

  • Dealing with difficult, stressful demands in your life or work?

  • Faced with personal or career and work challenges?

  • Trying to heal bad habits, anxiety, wounds of life or trauma?

  • Feeling burnout, loss of energy and drive?

  • Overwhelmed by world events?

  • Or is your plate simply too full? 

View brief introductory video about the course

This Workshop Helps You:

  • Release stress effects and recover from stress more quickly

  • Discharge anxiety and traumatic nervous system dysregulation

  • Increase your mental psychological resilience and zone of best performance

  • Strengthen your ability to remain calm and present in the midst of chaos or challenge

  • Enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and strength 

  • Strengthen your attention focus, situational-and self-awareness and confidence

Introducing gentle and powerful techniques

From the realms of MBSR, mindfulness, body-mind awareness-in-action, somatic movement & chi gong (supported by neuroscience)

(Recently we have started to use these methodologies to help Peacekeepers, 1st Responders and International Development Agencies, to better manage and release stress and trauma, develop resilience, improve performance and prevent stress-injury and PTSD).

Watch this Video (click on picture) - on how Fashion Icon Eileen Fisher brought mindfulness into her life and work. 

(From a ABC News interview with Dan Harris of '10% Happier')


See more videos below. 

Experiential Workshop Public and for everyone - no experience necessary

Workshop Objectives:

  • Enhance mental, emotional, psychological wellbeing, strength and resilience

  • Empower stress management skills for ‘on the spot’ application, when encountering stressors

  • Learn skills and exercises that release anxieties and stress effects and regulate the nervous system

  • Enhance capacity to remain present, calm, centered, focused & agile under pressure

  • Increase skills for mental and emotion regulation, mental agility and attention control

  • Enhance inherent confidence and creativity to deal with difficult circumstances 

  • Strengthen situational- and self-awareness 

  • Provide effective skills to suspend self-talk and redirect attention to present moment

  • Increase personal zone of optimal performance

  • Prevent mental ‘Burn-Out’ and compassion fatigue

  • Provide practical understanding of the neuroscience of resilience, anxiety, trauma, stress and stress management, and the scientific basis for mindfulness

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she asked how did you create such great teams, Phil Jackson replied:
“I approached it with mindfulness, … as much as we pump iron and build physical strength, we need to build our mental strength. We did this for focus, to have one pointed attention – so that we can be in concert with one another. So when things go wrong, you sit on the bench, you take a breath and you reset yourself. You do this through mindfulness….” 

Workshop Content:

  • Mindfulness and mindfulness-in-action exercises

  • Body-mind techniques

  • Somatic movement exercises

  • Nervous-system and self-regulation techniques

  • Discussions on how to apply exercises 

  • Creating your personal development and action plan

  • Relevant scientific information on performance-zone, stress, resilience and the training methodology

You Will Also Receive:

  • Guided exercise instructions as audio files 

  • Written exercise instructions 

  • 20% discount on your first year of monthly, online, group practice and coaching sessions.            (12 one-hour group sessions a year, reg.: Can$ 120 per year).

  • 20% discount on your optional first 1-on-1 personal coaching sessions. (reg.: 30 min Can$ 60; or 60 min Can$100)

Watch a brief Video (click on picture)

of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant's Meditation Coach, George Mumford, on how to Be 'Flow Ready' and Get in the Zone. 

(From a ABC News interview with Dan Harris of '10% Happier')


See more videos below. 



10  /  11  /  2016

Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative Staff Training


09  /  11  /  2016

MBWARE at FORUM 2016 in Vancouver


  “This program

has given me

an arsenal of surprising, effective methods and techniques,

as well as the confidence to apply them skillfully.”


First Responders & Correctional Officers Symposium

Police Chief Sylvia Moir on Mindfulness 

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