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De-Escalation & Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills & Conflict Management Decision Making under Stress

Non-Verbal Communication, Active Listening 

Research-based knowledge, practical skills

and a tool-kit of evidence based exercises

Training Objective


  • Enhance mental, psychological and physical resilience

  • Enhance capacity to remain calm, present & responsive under pressure

  • Increase situational awareness, agility and attention focus

  • Enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self regulation skills

  • Strengthen interpersonal skills: communication, de-escalation, conflict management and decision making under stress

  • Strengthen accountability, reflection-in-action, critical and ethical thinking and integrety

  • Enhance practical and scientific understanding of how stress affects decision making, perception, motor functions and emotional and cognitive processes

Skills Taught

  • Effective interpersonal, communication and active, empathetic listening skills

  • Effective engaged ‘non-verbal’ communication skills

  • Conflict de-escalation and conflict management skills

  • Emotion regulation, self-awareness and self-management skills

  • Cognitive re-framing skills and positive attitudinal skills 

  • Situational awareness, adapting and intentional responding skills

  • Psychological/Emotional Trauma First Aid skills

  • Reflection-in-action, continues learning and improvement skills and exercises

Training Description

MBWARE Training modules are experiential and highly participatory. MBWARE Training includes evidence based practical exercises as well as didactic components.


We will discuss the scientific and psychological aspect of each skill, and more importantly the professional experiential implications and realities of each skill and capacity.


We will explore how we can cultivate and develop these skills and how to work with and apply specific training and practice exercises.


We will learn and practice specific exercises that can be applied on duty and that help strengthen the skill and our ability to apply the skill.


We will practice the specific skill in pairs and groups and conduct mock-scenario exercises together.


We will discuss the challenges experienced with each task, discuss antidotes and skillful means to work with the challenges, and continue to practice the learned techniques.


We will learn how we practice reflection-in-action and self-evaluating skills for continued learning and improvement of skills.


We will train in a series of short mindfulness-based exercises, emotional and body awareness, listening and interactive communication exercises that support the competency development.


Each participants will receive an audio CD, ( ... and we are working on developing and AP), containing guided instructions for each of these personal exercise.


The didactic components consist of understanding the findings from relevant neuroscience research studies and how these apply to emotional intelligence and inter-personal communication. Dynamics and principles of conflict escalation versus de-escalation will be explored intellectually and experientially. Research, principles and exercises are discussed from the point of view of the participant’s personal and professional experience and the challenges they encounter on duty.

Training Delivery

We collaborate with you to assure that this MBWARE Training module optimally complements your overall training strategy and needs. Details and delivery of MBWARE Training Programs will be targeted specific to your operational realities, and will honor cultural and logistical considerations. 


This module can be delivered in 4 two-hour sessions, or can be delivered as 1 eight-hour workshop intensive. 


We offer the addition of optional follow-up sessions, online check ins, or brief individual coaching sessions, in order to guide and support optimal integration and application of exercises learned.


We offer to include a formal result evaluation, which can be developed in collaboration with your designated staff.​

Contact Us Here  - to discuss how we can best customize this module to meet your needs

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