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MBWARE Training


To help strengthen your mental resilience, presence and performance under stress and provide empowering stress injury protection and recovery exercises and support. 


I provide pro-active stress preparation, resilience, mind-reset and stress relief exercises, in-person and online, via training modules, workshops, ongoing support and counseling for individuals and groups.  

I can train, certify and support your in-house, peer instructors. 

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, I operate internationally. I usually lead group workshops in the location of your organization or group. 

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Training Design & Delivery

Lennart Krogoll

Lennart Krogoll, MI

Founder, Training Design and Delivery

Lennart’s experience as instructor of mindfulness based exercises extends over more than 30 years. He received his mindfulness meditation instructor authorization from Shambhala International in 1985, and his teacher training in 1986/87. Having been an active instructor and teacher since, Lennart led countless leadership training and mindfulness workshops in Europe, USA, Canada and South America.


In 1987, he also became a Sergeant and active drill instructor, having completed the relevant training, for an international, unarmed security service organization (the 'Kasung'), which on occasion collaborates with police and state departments. For 12 years, from 1999 to 2011 Lennart was the Sergeant Major for the Kasung. In that position, he extensively trained team members, officers and drill instructors in drill, mindfulness based practices, and scenario exercises. During that period, he also received training in specific Chi Gong techniques, as well as in leading and teaching these, and he began incorporating them in training workshops.   


He received his Certificate in Peace Operations from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, and studied Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution with the Peace Operations Training Institute in 2010.


In 2011 Lennart received the training as instructor for US Marine Corps in Mindfitness Training from the Mindfitness Institute, which included working with somatic movement healing practices, and teaching about the neuroscience of trauma, resilience, mindfulness and stress management.


From early 2012 to late 2015 Lennart was the Director of an international program and group retreat center situated in rural Nova Scotia. Here he collaboratively developed and hosted mindfulness training programs for education professionals, health professionals and artists, and led exercise sessions for a variety of organizations and groups.


Currently Lennart is a faculty member of the Atlantic Contemplative Centre, a consortium of mindfulness instructors, who research, teach and apply mindfulness based approaches in a broad range of professional environments. The organization includes members from all Halifax Universities and many health organizations. In the past few years Lennart taught public workshops on anxiety, stress management and resilience at Dalhousie University and Kings College, and presented at Romeo Dallaire’s Child Soldier Initiative, Mt St Vincent and Mt Allison University.  


Lennart serves on the board of directors for the 'Society of Atlantic Heroes', an organization that is developing housing, health and reintegration services for veterans of all emergency response and military organizations of the Atlantic Canadian provinces.


Born in Germany, Lennart immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1991, where he is living with his Canadian wife Deborah. Throughout his life he continues to enjoy nature, music, playing music, and caring for a healthy, compassionate, responsible and strong society.  

Lennart Krogoll
Lennart Krogoll
Lennart Krogoll
MBWARE means: 
Warrior Resilience

Why Warrior?


Warrior traditions generally have a few things in common. Warriors are prepared to step into harms way, putting their own comfort and safety aside, in order to help others in crisis or to protect the well-being and peace of others or their nations.


Therefore the warrior always makes sure he or she is prepared for the challenge at hand, physically, mentally, and equipped with the appropriate resources. They train to sustain physical and mental fitness, agility and presence during challenging engagements. And they make sure to clean their sword after engagement, taking adequate time and measures to physically and mentally de-compress and recover, in order to be ready and strong for the next challenge.


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