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1st Responder Testimonials about applying mindfulness

Police officers on Mindfitness and resilience

Military service and Mindfitness

“This program has given me an arsenal of surprising, effective methods and techniques, as well as the confidence to apply them skillfully.”

“This program has hugely opened my perspective on how to work with difficult people and situations.”

“Through the training I have gained a confidence and comfort with myself that I had tried to attain all my life.”

“Beyond my expectations, the training program lead by Lennart has enabled me to see how and where I can lead with more assertiveness, resulting not only in much better results from staff but a higher level of staff inspiration and engagement.”

" ... the most valuable and most practical learning experiences so far."


"Your life is dependent on staying calm and making appropriate decisions while under stress"

Lt.Col Scott McLeod, Canadian Forces, Deputy Surgeon General

"For years, so many of us involved in military ... tactical training opted for the ‘sexier side’ of our skill sets, working on deadly force, discriminative marksmanship, or defensive tactics, but rarely, if ever, factoring in the mental side and its importance to our success" 

Lt. Col. Eduardo Jany, USMC

“I approached it with mindfulness, … as much as we pump iron and build physical strength, we need to build our mental strength”

Phil Jackson used mindfulness techniques coaching the Chicago Bulls & the Los Angeles Lakers to a total of 10 NBA championships 

Over 30 years of medical and neuroscience research, with the US Naval Research Center, the US Marine Corps,  and many universities throughout the USA and world.    

Emergency Responders

Mindfulness training for emergency responders and corrections officers. 

Mindfulness Research

Dr Amishi Jah presenting research on attention focus at the Pentagon. 

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