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Self-Empowering Exercises

A Well-Grounded Clear Service Mind

Mind Re-Set De-Stressor Exercise

for streaming or download


A brief guided exercise, that helps you re-set your state of mind

after stressful work duty.

You can do this before and after your shift, or during breaks.


You can also do it for more extended periods of time,

.... or, once familiar with the 4 Steps: (Grounding,  Body Aware, Breath Awareness, Extending through Senses), ... 

 ... you can do it in just a brief flash, for just a minute or two.

Body Scan Ground & Release Exercise

for streaming or download


A guided exercise, that helps you ground yourself and release tension and stress.

You can do this standing up, sitting or laying down.


It helps align yourself, synchronizing body and mind for a fresh start.

... or doing this before going to sleep can help you enjoy a more restful, deeper sleep. 

Exchanging Oneself for Others

for streaming or download


I was asked, by special request, to offer this traditional warrior-compassion practice. It allows us to connect with our and other's suffering non-conceptually,  to own what we feel, and extend our strength, wisdom, fearless compassion to others. 


You can do this even very briefly on the spot, when you encounter someone experiencing pain, confusion or fear. 

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  • Cool and clear for critical decisions and challenging service

  • Mind-Reset during & after critical incidents and high-stress

  • Stress relief, stress-injury prevention and healing support

Courageous, Respectful, Compassionate Action under Difficult Circumstances

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