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A Well-Grounded Clear Service Mind

Courageous, Respectful, Compassionate Action under Difficult Circumstances


For Military - 1st Responders - Medical Personnel - Corrections

  • Cool and clear for critical decisions and challenging service

  • Mind-Reset during & after critical incidents and high-stress

  • Stress relief, stress-injury prevention and healing support

Self-Empowering Exercises for daily mental-fitness routines and on-duty application

My name is Lennart Krogoll. I have enjoyed teaching mindfulness, Chi Gong, and somatic movement since 1985.


I value my strong relationship with the 1st Responder and military communities, as I was trained in military disciplines and practices, and in teaching somatic movement and mindfitness exercises for the US Marine Corps and Army.


Currently I am honored to sit on the board of the Society of Atlantic Heroes, a Non-Profit organisation dedicated to helping 1st Responders and Military Veterans with PTSD. 


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In-Person or Online


We can together design your personal exercise and support regime 


For organizations or groups

In-Person or Online 


Gain an extensive tool-box of exercises.

The focus can be on: Optimizing performance

Mental resilience 

Stress-injury prevention

Stress-injury recovery 

Instructor Training

In-Person or Online


For your in-house

peer, instructors


ToT Courses,

quality control, materials, support, certification

Free Resources, for you to try-out ... exercises and tips that others found useful:

Mind Re-Set De-Stressor Exercise

for streaming or download


A brief guided exercise, that helps you re-set your state of mind

after stressful work duty.

You can do this before and after your shift, or during breaks.


You can also do it for more extended periods of time,

.... or, once familiar with the 4 Steps: (Grounding,  Body Aware, Breath Awareness, Extending through Senses), ... 

 ... you can do it in just a brief flash, for just a minute or two.

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