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Mental Fitness  High-pressure Performance  Managing Stress  'Being in the Flow’

For Professional and Elite Sports Teams and Athletes

They say that in sports, 90 percent of performance is mental. 


Yet, we spend the majority of our time, effort and money on physical & technical training.


That leaves little time to focus on our mental game. 

Phil Jackson famously used mindfulness training to develop effective mental performance skills, to coach the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers to a total of 10 NBA championships.

Other well-known cases where mindfulness did enhance positive performance outcomes include the Boston Red Sox, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, SF Giants world series pitcher Tim Lincecum, shortstop for the NY Yankees Derek Jeter, and the US National BMX team including 2016 Olympic gold medalist Connor Fields, and many more.

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MBWARE Training offers these same research-based, mindfulness exercises to assist you or your team to

  • Enhance your capacity to be in the state of ‘flow’ or ‘zone’

  • Manage the pressure and stress of high-stake performance and competition

  • Increase attention focus and emotion control

  • Strengthen mental resilience, agility and situational awareness


The US Naval Research Centre together with the US Marine Corps conducted several research studies on the mindfulness-based exercises included in the training, and many neuroscience studies further support their effectiveness in the field of professional sports and performance under stress.

MBWARE Mind Training Objectives:

  • Enhance mental, emotional, psychological resilience, leading to improved health, wellness, moral and performance outcomes

  • Enhance capacity to remain present, centered, focused & agile under pressure

  • Strengthen capacity to be in the ‘flow’ or ‘zone’

  • Increase skills for self-talk regulation, emotion regulation, goal setting, task visualization, mental agility and attention control

  • Enhance team culture and collaboration

  • Strengthen situational awareness

  • Empower stress management skills for ‘on the spot’ application, when encountering stressors during high-stake performance and competitions

  • Provide effective skills to suspend self-talk and redirect attention to present moment and task at hand

  • Increase personal zone of optimal performance

  • Prevent mental ‘Burn-Out’

  • Provide practical understanding of the neuroscience of resilience, stress and stress management, and the scientific basis for mindfulness

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she asked how did you create such great teams, Phil Jackson replied:
“I approached it with mindfulness, … as much as we pump iron and build physical strength, we need to build our mental strength. We did this for focus, to have one pointed attention – so that we can be in concert with one another. So when things go wrong, you sit on the bench, you take a breath and you reset yourself. You do this through mindfulness….” 

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View an ABC News video interview: (click on picture) 

Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant's

Meditation Coach, George Mumford,

on How to Be 'Flow Ready' and Get in the Zone 

Training Content:

  • Mindfulness and mindfulness-in-action exercises

  • Body-mind techniques

  • Somatic movement exercises

  • Nervous-system and self-regulation techniques

  • Instruction on the techniques, how to apply them, and facilitated exercise sessions and discussions

  • Honouring the experience, operational realities and culture of your team

  • Relevant scientific information on performance-zone, stress, resilience and the training methodology

Training Delivery:

  • Delivery format adapted to your needs and organizational realities: One to two hour weekly or by-weekly sessions or intensive workshops

  • Additional group or one-on-one follow-up check-ins, guided exercise facilitation, and coaching

  • Integrated and aligned in support of your current training strategy and objectives

  • Collaboratively-designed outcome-oriented evaluations

  • Guided exercise instructions as audio files 

  • Potential for training certified ‘internal’/peer facilitators 



10  /  11  /  2016

Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative Staff Training


09  /  11  /  2016

MBWARE at FORUM 2016 in Vancouver


  “This program

has given me

an arsenal of surprising, effective methods and techniques,

as well as the confidence to apply them skillfully.”


Police Officers about mindfulness for resilience and performance under stress

Congressman Ryan and Ret. Cpt E. Stanley PhD on mindfulness

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