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Mbwaretraining, mental resilience training, stress management, PTSD healing, stress injury recovery, mindfulness training, emergency responders training, police training, military training, critical incident stress, performance enhancement

MbwareTraining - Soldiers on patrol

MbwareTraining provides Evidence-Based Training to

  • Build Mental-Psychological Resilience

  • Enhance Performance Under Stress

  • Release Stress & Prevent Stress Injury & PTSD 

Designed by Military and Security Officers

For Military Police  Fire-Fighters Emergency Responders ● Corrections Officers 

Stress Exposure

Critical incidents, traumatic events, 

Daily and prolonged stress engagement

Operating in stressful environments

Has a painful and costly impact

On Performance

Decision making, communication skills,  cognitive functions and overall performance

On Health

Stress-injury, PTSD, depression, addiction, suicide

On Family Life 

On Moral and Mission Success

On Mental health care and re-integration costs

30% of returning service personnel are traumatized

20 US Military veteran suicides each day

Lt.Col Scott McLeod, Canadian Forces, Deputy Surgeon General: 

"Your life is dependent on staying calm and making appropriate decisions while under stress"

You train with excellence in:

  • Physical fitness 

  • Mission specific knowledge and skills 

  • Equipment use and care

  • General stress-inoculation training 


What Is Missing?

Do you also train in:

  • Mental-psychological resilience?

  • Performance effectiveness, presence, clarity and agility for high-stress engagement?

  • Skills to 're-set', manage and release stress and prevent stress injury?

The MBWARE Mind Training Difference
Beyond Cognitive

  Directly addressing the pre-verbal component of resilience, PTSD &     performance under stress, Nervous-system & Emotion Regulation


  Exercises that build Mental-Psychological resilience, strength &         toughness & prepare for optimal performance under stress


  Practical Mental-Psychological Tools to remain calm, steady,                 present, for on the spot application facing challenging situations


  Techniques for immediate post-duty and regular stress management,

    self-regulation, release & recovery to help prevent stress injury

    (de-conflicting a flooded, dysregulated nervous-system)

MbwareTraining Outcomes

Enhanced Performance 


Decision making, communication,

de-escalation, conflict resolution, attention-focus, agility, emotion - regulation skills - under stress

Increased Resilience


Mental & psychological toughness, readiness, ability to remain calm and present,   efficient reset to zone of optimal performance

Improved Health

Reduced stress impact, injuries and PTSD,  

less burn-out, absenteeism,

reduced health-care costs

Mission Success

Improved mission effectiveness, moral,

public relation and perception

Honoring your operational realities, culture and strategy ● Designed by military and security officers



10  /  11  /  2016

Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative Staff Training


09  /  11  /  2016

MBWARE at FORUM 2016 in Vancouver


  “This program

has given me

an arsenal of surprising, effective methods and techniques,

as well as the confidence to apply them skillfully.”


First Responders & Correctional Officers Symposium

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