MBWARE  Training Modules

Enhancing Your pre-deployment training

and post-mission care

  • Designed by military and security officers
  • Evidenced-based, pre-cognitive body-mind exercises and practical skills
  • Targeting your operational realities and training needs

How to remain calm, present, effective under stress Optimising Performance under Stress

Stress Injury Healing, Protection and Prevention

Research-based knowledge, practical skills

and a tool-kit of evidence based exercises

Group Sessions: - Stress Release, Stress Management & Resilience

Working with Trauma, PTSD, OSI and Anxiety

Empowering Self-Regulation Exercises that

support stress injury and trauma healing on the crucial 'pre-verbal' level, and provide effective decompression relief and mental recovery support

Demystifying trauma and stress injury

Release, Reset, Refresh, Reenergize,


Interpersonal & Conflict Management Skills   Decision Making under Stress

Non-Verbal Communication, Active Listening 

Research-based knowledge, practical skills

and a tool-kit of evidence based exercises

Train-the-Trainer programs and certifications for internal facilitator and instructor team development

Training Intensives including continuity and quality control support and materials

All MBWARE Training Modules can be
  • Customized in collaborate with you to assure that          they optimally enhance your overall training strategy and needs, and honor your specific operational realities, culture, and logistical considerations. 

  • Integrated as regular weekly sessions, or as intensive     workshop sessions.

  • Combined with each other.

  • Outcome evaluated.

We look forward to discuss with you how we can support you in enhancing your training outcomes.

Please contact us here.

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