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Release & Manage Stress Enhance Wellbeing & Performance  Cultivate Resilience Prevent Burnout & PTSD
MBWARE Training Programs Teach You How To:
  • Manage stress proactively and as it happens

  • Release effects from accumulated stress, anxieties and trauma

  • Strengthen your resilience, mental relaxation and agility

  • Improve your ability to reset, ground and calm for challenging situations

  • Enhance your Zone of optimal performance under stress

  • Increase your skills for difficult communication, de-escalation and de-conflicting

  • Improve your health and wellbeing

  • Reduce burnout, sick-leave, prevent stress-injury and PTSD

Proactive Empowering Pre-verbal

The US Naval Research Centre together with the US Marine Corps, and the Mindfitness Institute conducted several research studies on the mindfulness and body-mind exercises included in MbwareTraining programs. 

More Research Here

Watch this Police Research Brief (a video summery):

Addressing the crucial pre-verbal aspect of stress, resilience, performance and PTSD, with short, practical exercises based on MBSR, mindfulness-in-action, body-mind, nervous-system cooling, somatic movement and martial-art. 

More on Methodology Here

Watch this brief video on mindfulness in the military:

Based on over 30 years experience in mindfulness, resilience and scenario training in military and high-stress service contexts.

More on Our Team Here

Watch this brief video on Public Workshop by Lennart Krogoll:

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