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      Mental Fitness & Resilience  Stress Management & Stress-Injury Prevention Skills
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      What is this Course all about? 

      View a brief video statement about this course.


      Details about course format and content can be found below, Here.  

      Police Chief Sylvia Moir (Arizona, Tempe) says mindfulness should be a key piece of officer development. 

      Watch excerpts from an interview by ABC News' Dan Harris.

      To view the entire interview go here.

      (credit: Dan Harris and '10% Happier', ABC News)


      Police Officers discuss the use and effects of mindfulness on:

      • Ability to 'Re-Set' after critical incidents

      • Stress release, recovery and wellbeing

      • Mental sharpness and presence under stress

      • De-Escalation and effective communication skills

      • Tactical and combat breathing

      • Performance outcomes 

      (credit: Dan Harris and '10% Happier', ABC News)

      "Your life is dependent on staying calm and making appropriate 

      decisions while under stress"

      Lt.Col Scott McLeod, Canadian Forces, Deputy Surgeon General

      "Knowing the other and knowing oneself,
      In one hundred battles no danger.
      Not knowing the other and knowing oneself,
      One victory for one loss.
      Not knowing the other and not knowing oneself,
      In every battle certain defeat."

      Sun Tzu, 'The Art of War' Denma Translation

      "For years, so many of us involved in military ... tactical training opted for the ‘sexier side’ of our skill sets, working on deadly force, discriminative marksmanship, or defensive tactics, but rarely, if ever, factoring in the mental side and its importance to our success" 

      Lt. Col. Eduardo Jany, USMC

      “I approached it with mindfulness, … as much as we pump iron and build physical strength, we need to build our mental strength”

      Phil Jackson used mindfulness techniques coaching the Chicago Bulls & the Los Angeles Lakers to a total of 10 NBA championships 



      The US Naval Research Centre together with the US Marine Corps, and the Mindfitness Institute conducted several research studies on the mindfulness and body-mind exercises included in MbwareTraining programs. 

      More on Research Here

      Watch this Police Research Brief (a video summery)

      Or view full research paper PDF here

      A Pilot Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Cortisol Awakening Response and Health Outcomes among Law Enforcement Officers

      Michael S. Christopher; Richard J. Goerling; Brant S. Rogers & Matthew Hunsinger; Greg Baron; Aaron L. Bergman; David T. Zava


      Contact Us Here to set up an introductory presentation for your organisation. 

      Evidence-based, mindfulness-based training modules

      • Designed by military and security officers

      • Based on MBSR, Martial Art, somatic and warrior exercises 

      • Based on 30 years experience in training mindfulness techniques in various professional contexts 

      • Customized to honor your professional culture and operational reality

      Course Outline

      Proactive Stress Management & Resilience Skills

      (For Fire, Police, Corrections, Military Personnel and Medical Emergency Responders)


      Course Length: 8 hours

      Materials provided: Video files, Audio files of guided exercise instructions, written guidelines


      Support and Continuity: Bi-Weekly online group check-in (live and recorded), with Q&A, exercise practice and reviews (not automatically included, optional but highly recommended)


      Instructor: Lennart Krogoll (see bio below)



      This course addresses how accumulative stressors and dealing with traumatic events, inherent in serving in Police, Firefighting, Corrections and Military Forces and as Medical Emergency Responder, affect physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, health and performance functioning.


      More importantly, the course provides knowledge and teaches skillful means on how to manage and release these affects before they lead to long-term stress injuries, prevent OSI and PTSD, ‘reset’ after critical incidents, support healing of old mental wounds and support resilience building, mental strength, focusing and situational awareness.


      At the core of the course are guided instructions on practical, simple, short exercises, that enable a healthy, effective response to stress, based on ancient warrior traditions, mindfulness-based, based on over 30 years of medical and neuroscience research, and used in many healthcare, military and police professions.



      • Gain practical and theoretical understanding of stress, trauma and resilience in relation to physical, mental and emotional health and performance

      • Understand the logic of pre-cognitive, research-based, warrior mindfulness exercises in relation to performing under stress and protecting from stress-injury

      • Increase capacity to notice, identify, accept and release stress effects

      • Gain skills, an ‘arsenal’ of practical body-mind exercises, to:

        • prepare for high-stress engagement,

        • remain calm, cool and responsive in the face of challenge,

        • discharge, ground and settle a dysregulated nervous system

        • release stress effects and reset after critical incidents or at duty’s end

        • support the healing of PTSD and other stress injuries 

      • Gain authentic confidence in the body and mind’s intrinsic capacity to heal, release stress and enjoy continues self-care, for wellbeing and warrior service resilience.



      • Enhanced mental, psychological resilience, leading to improved health, wellness, moral and performance outcomes, and protecting from potential stress injuries

      • Enhanced capacity to remain calm, present, and empathetic under pressure

      • Increased capacity to 'Reset' after critical incident and to release stress on the spot

      • Strengthened capacity for self-talk regulation, emotion regulation, goal setting, mental agility and attention control

      • Enjoying and ‘arsenal’ of stress management and self-regulation skills for acute stressors and to support recovery from long term stress and trauma effects

      • Reduced compassion-fatigue, ‘burn-out’ and long-term stress injury or PTSD

      • Enhanced self-awareness, non-reactivity and decision-making skills

      • Practical understanding of the neuroscience of resilience, stress and stress management, and mindfulness

      • Reduced stigma about stress impact and injury / PTSD



      • Effective skills and exercises to expand zone of optimal performance

      • Practical grounding, calming, cooling skills for high-stress situations

      • Attention, focusing and mindfulness skills

      • Effective skills and practical exercises to reset, release stress and build resilience

      • Effective skills to suspend self-talk and redirect attention to present task at hand

      • Pre-verbal emotion management, non-reactivity and regulation skills

      • Effective self-awareness skills to go beyond 'automatic-pilot' or habitual re-action, to situational awareness and intentional response



      • Short power-point presentation on relevant and practical knowledge of neuroscience

      • Discussion of fundamental, psychological, experiential and practical principles

      • Exercise instructions and guided practices

      • Mindfulness-in-action exercises (based on ancient warrior traditions, research-based, used by several hospitals, military and police departments)

      • Body-mind techniques & somatic movement exercises

      • Re-Setting, nervous system cooling, self-regulation and relaxing techniques

      • Experiential exercises

      • Debriefs, Q&As

      • Personal stress management plan creation

      • Audio recordings with guided instructions for ongoing use and practice

      • Written guidelines on how to apply specific exercises

      • Video files of instructions and principles

      • Optional, not included: Bi-Weekly online group check-in (live and recorded), with Q&A, discussions, best practice sharing and exercise practice and reviews (more about ongoing online practice support)




      10  /  11  /  2016

      Romeo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative Staff Training


      09  /  11  /  2016

      MBWARE at FORUM 2016 in Vancouver


        “This program

      has given me

      an arsenal of surprising, effective methods and techniques,

      as well as the confidence to apply them skillfully.”


      First Responders & Correctional Officers Symposium

      Congressman Ryan in conversation with E. Stanley, retired US Marine Cpt., about mindfulness for the military.