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Joining Peace Now Symposium Vienna

I am delighted to join the ‘Peace Now’ Symposium / Conference, at the Austria Centre in Vienna next week, September 15 to 17, and present a workshop on disarming conflict.

The conference offers a broad variety of approaches on how we can hold our seat when facing difficult times, and how individuals and organizations can actively shape the development of our world and create peace with ourselves, in our immediate surroundings and communities, and in society.

The workshop will provide skillful means on how to cultivate resilience and engaged empathy, in order to deescalate and disarm conflict.

I look forward to meeting such a rich and diverse group of presenters, and to explore, discuss and learn with each other.

Here is the conference link:

(… and perhaps I even have time to reconnect with some of my old friends and comrades, and enjoy a Vienna strudel and snaps, after all what would Vienna be without that, or for that matter, what would peace be without that; - )



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