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      Taking Charge of Our

      Mental Fitness and Well-Being

      Resilience & Mental Fitness  Stress Management & Stress-Injury Prevention Skills
      Daily Stressors, Traumatic Events, Critical Incidents?
      That is completely Normal!
      • Gain the skills to remain healthy and productive under stress

      • Reset and refresh - after a traumatic or critical event, or at the end of a difficult day

      • Release and manage stress 

      • Remain cool and focused under pressure

      • Strengthen Mental-Psychological Resilience, Fitness and Presence

      • Support stress-injury recovery and PTSD healing

      • Proactively prevent burnout, stress-injury, PTSD

      Over 30 years of medical and neuroscience research, and experience, confirm 

      the skillful means of ancient warrior traditions, - mindfulness-in-action exercises -,

      that are now applied by some 1st Responders, police and military units and health institutions, 

      and how these strengthen health and fitness of our entire Being for serving in a challenging world.

      We provide guidance and skillful-means

      Research-based Mindfulness-in-action Exercises

      That Help You:

      For your

      organisation or team:


      Experiential courses, modules and workshops 

      For your in-house

      peer, instructors:


      ToT Courses,

      quality control, materials, support, certification

      For Individuals:


      8 hours of material  10 exercises with guided instructions 

      practical knowledge

      For Individualsrs:


      Bi-Weekly 30 min practice sessions, Q&As, Discussion

      online & video

      Also: One-on-One Individual Sessions available - contact us here

      Proactive ● Practical ● Pre-cognitive

      Honoring your operational realities and professional culture 

      Police officers on Mindfitness and resilience

      Military service and Mindfitness

      Maintaining mental fitness
      and releasing stress effects,
      is like keeping physically fit, 
      or brushing our teeth.

      Exercises are based on over 30 years of medical and neuroscience research, and use in medical professions, and on studies that the US Naval Research Center conducted together with the US Marine Corps and Mindfitness Institute.    

      More Research Here

      Watch this Police Research Brief (a video summery):


      Addressing the crucial pre-verbal aspect of stress, resilience, performance and PTSD, with short, practical exercises based on MBSR, mindfulness-in-action, body-mind, nervous-system cooling, somatic movement and martial-art. 

      More on Methodology Here

      Watch this brief video on mindfulness in the military:

      Designed by military and security officers

      Based on over 30 years experience in mindfulness, resilience and scenario training in military and high-stress service contexts.

      More on Our Team Here

      Watch this brief video on Resilience by Founder & Instructor Lennart Krogoll: